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At ACI Alloys, we make high purity rare-earth metals and alloys in house.

All lanthanide metals and alloys are arc-cast in a pure argon atmosphere into cold copper crucibles. We will custom make almost any material at whatever size and stoichiometry you request.

(Note: We don’t work with promethium, which is radioactive.)

Elements to the left of Gd in the above table are reactive in air, and may need to be shipped in mineral oil or a dessicant to minimize oxidation.

Here are some recent rare-earth sputtering targets we have made:

  • Cerium and cerium alloys* (cerium-gadolidium, cerium-samarium)
  • Dysprosium and dysprosium alloys (iron-dysprosium-terbium)
  • Erbium and erbium alloys (gadolinium-erbium-silicon)
  • Europium and europium alloys* (aluminum-barium-europium, barium-europium)
  • Gadolinium and gadolidium alloys (cobalt-gadolinium, iron-gadolinium, gadolinium-terbium)
  • Holmium and holmium alloys (holmium-zirconium)
  • Lanthanum and lanthanum alloys* (lanthanum-nickel)
  • Lutetium and lutetium alloys (gold-lutetium, silver-lutetium, tin-silver-lutetium)
  • Neodymium and neodymium alloys* (neodymium-iron-boron, aluminum-neodymium)
  • Praeseodymium and praeseodymium alloys* (praeseodymium-iron-boron)
  • Samarium and samarium alloys* (samarium-cobalt, silver-samarium, samarium-iron)
  • Scandium and scandium alloys (aluminum-scandium, chromium-scandium, nickel-scandium, scandium-titanium)
  • Terbium and terbium alloys (nickel-iron-terbium, cobalt-terbium, iron-terbium)
  • Thullium and thullium alloys (thullium-cerium, thullium-aluminum)
  • Yttrium and ytrium alloys (chromium-iron-yttrium, hafnium-yttrium, zirconium-yttrium)
  • Ytterbium and yterbium alloys (aluminum-ytterbium)


Lanthanum and nickel are weighed to achieve the correct stoichiometry


A master alloy is cast based on the La-Ni phase diagram. The remaining material is added over several melts to maintain homogeneity


The final alloy is ready for machining under oil.

For a list of our custom alloys made within the past 11 years, follow this link.