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We cast or press alloys from almost all non-radioactive elements

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Elements not containing icon1 are not available at ACI.

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Rare Earth Alloys

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ACI Alloys Inc. offers thin film and PVD materials designed for a variety of uses. Our broad range of products includes ceramics, precious and non-precious metals to support all platforms and configurations. Our components can be manipulated to conform to a variety of shapes, sizes, or compositions. Thin film materials range from a fraction of a nanometer to several micrometers in thickness. They are ideal for electronic semiconductors and optical coatings.

PVD Materials

Pysical Vapor Deposition (PVD) is the method of depositing thin films onto various surfaces. This is completed using high temperature vacuum evaporation and condensation. This practice is commonly used on automotive parts, surgical tools, drill bits, and firearms. Common coatings include titanium nitride, chromium nitride, and zirconium nitride.

Experts in Quality Control

At ACI Alloy Inc. we are dedicated to perform stringent quality control. Whether for research, development, or production, we ensure every single product is of extremely high quality and reproducible; even for the most unusual combinations of alloys. We are capable of completing orders as large or small as needed, while maintaining high purities of mixed alloys. We cast low melting reactive materials in a wide range of sizes and we also grind, cut, mill, and DEM materials in a controlled environment. Since we stock our own raw materials, at ACI Alloys Inc. we are able to closely monitor our prices and offer our customers extremely competitive quotes for thin film materials and PVD materials. Contact us today at (408) 259-7337 for more information on our products and services.

We cast or press alloys from almost all non-radioactive elements:

H (Hydrogen), Li (lithium), Be (beryllium), Na (sodium), Mg (magnesium), Ca (calcium), Sr (strontium), Ba (barium)
Sc (Scandium), Y (yttrium), La (lanthanum), Ce (cerium), Pr (praeseodymium), Nd (neodimium), Sm (samarium), Eu (europium), Gd (gadolinium), Tb (terbium), Dy (dysprosium), Ho (holmium), Er (erbium), Tm (thullium), Yb (ytterbium), Lu (lutetium)
Ti (titanium), V (vanadium), Cr (chromium), Zr (zirconium), Nb (niobium), Mo (molybdenum), Hf (halfnium), Ta (tantalum), W (tungsten)
Mn (manganese), Fe (iron), Co (cobalt), Ni (nickel), Cu (copper), Zn (zinc)
Ru (ruthenium), Rh (rhodium), Pd (palladium), Ag (silver), Re (rhenium), Os (osmium), Ir (iridium), Pt (platinum), Au (gold)
B (boron), C (carbon), Al (aluminum), Si (silicon), Ga (gallium), Ge (germanium)
N (nitrides), O (oxides), F (Fluorides), P (phosphides), S (sulfides), Cl (chlorides)
Se (selenium), Cd (cadmium), In (indium), Sn (tin), Sb (antimony), Te (tellurium), Hg (mercury), Pb (lead), Bi (bismuth)

All elemental and alloy sputtering targets are vacuum-cast in argon unless otherwise quoted.

Here are a few of our more commonly requested alloys:

Silver Alloys: Ag/Al, Ag/Cu, Ag/Mg, Ag/Pt
Aluminum Alloys: Al/Cu, Al/Si/Cu, Al/Li, Al/Mg, Al/Mn, Al/Nd, Al/Si, Al/Ti, Zn/Al
Gold Alloys: Au/Ag, Au/Be, Au/Ge, Au/Ni, Au/Pd, Au/Pt, Au/Sb, Au/Sn, Au/Zn
Bi/Ge/Te alloys: Bi/Sb, Bi/Sb/Te, Ge/Sb/Te, Ge/Te, Al/Ge, Si/Ge, Cd/Te, Pb/Te, Sb/Te
Boron Alloys: Co/Fe/B, Ni/Fe/B
Cobalt Alloys: Co/Cr, Co/Cr/Fe, Co/Fe, Co/Nb/Zr, Co/Ni, Co/Ta/Zr
Chrome Alloys: Ni/Cr, Fe/Cr, Cr/Mn, Mo/Cr
Copper Alloys: Cu/Ga, Cu/In, Cu/In/Ga, Cu/Ni, Cu/Sn
Heusler alloys: Co/Mn/Al, Co/Mn/Si, Co/Mn/Sb, Co/Mn/Ge
Iron Alloys: Fe/Al, Fe/Ga, Fe/Mn, Fe/Nd/B, Ni/Fe, Fe/Si, Fe/V
Iridium Alloys: Ir/Mn, Ir/Pt
Indium Alloys: In/Pb, In/Sb, In/Sn, Sb/In/Sn
Nickel Alloys: Ni/Mn/Ga, Ni/Mo, Ni/Ti, Ni/V, Ni/W, Ni/Zr
Osmium Alloys: Os/Ru
Platinum/Palladium Alloys: Co/Pt, Fe/Pt, Mn/Pt, Ni/Pt, Pd/Ag, Pd/Pt, Pt/Ru, Pd/Cu
Rare-earth Alloys (see our rare earth page): Nd/Al, Ce/Gd, Co/Gd, Co/Sm, La/Mn, La/Ni, La/Sr, Nd/Fe/B
Titanium and Zirconium Alloys: Nb/Ti, Ti/W, Ti/Zr, Zr/Y