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Since 1985, ACI Alloys, Inc. has manufactured sputtering targets, evaporation sources, and specialty materials and shapes for thin-film or related applications. Our customers include many of the world’s principal academic and industrial research groups.

 For a complete list of alloys made within the past 4 years, follow this link.

 If the materials you want are not included, you are invited to consult our staff for more information on expected properties.


Founded by Paul Albert, Sc.D., ACI has a long history in the fabrication of metals and alloys for thin films. Dr. Albert has over 50 years of experience in metallurgy. Our long history in materials and thin film deposition affords our customers an expertise with the creation of custom alloys.

Our processes include vacuum hot-pressing, and vacuum-arc melting.

ACI Alloys has a full machine shop in house with turning, milling, rolling, heat-treating, bonding, and grinding capabilities, manned by a staff of highly skilled machinists who can quickly and carefully fabricate almost any material imaginable.

Alloys also has plate, foil, wire, and rod rolling capabilities.

Spent targets of certain materials may be melted down and recast for customer use, avoiding any assay and reclaim fees. Contaminated or alloyed materials which cannot be re-used can be reclaimed for credit to a customer metal pool account, credited against future orders, or simply cashed out, according to your preference.

We understand the need for fast response in both quoting prices and delivery of materials. See our Request For Quote Page for an online quote, or phone in your request. Our new 10,000 square-foot facility is located in the heart of Silicon Valley at:

1458 Seareel Place San Jose CA 95131

Tel# 408-259-7337

Fax# 408-729-0277