Ceramics, alloys, pure metals, and target bonding


Evaporation materials, foils, wires, rods and crucible liners


Alloy standards, master alloys, collectable elements, custom rings and more

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Quality Control

Our quality control system was developed with the idea that quality and reproducibility are the most important factors of a materials provider.

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Our Capabilities

With multiple melting techniques and powder metallurgy technology, ACI ALLOYS can produce solutions to virtually every thin film material need.

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Competitive Pricing

As an original manufacturing company that stocks raw materials, ACI can control pricing and delivery of most jobs to offer inexpensive and expedited materials.

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Custom Alloys

ACI ALLOYS has stock of almost every pure element, and with 30 years of experience we have the ability to produce an infinite amount of alloys.

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Manufacturing Sputtering Targets and Custom Alloys Since 1985

For more than 30 years, ACI Alloys, Inc. has been manufacturing sputtering targets, PVD materials and evaporation materials. Some of our customers include the world’s best academic and industrial research organizations.

Our Capabilities

We specialize in the production of custom alloys and high purity metals. We focus this skill to create affordable solutions for expensive or difficult thin film materials. We also create master alloys, ingots and custom sizes with every metal on the periodic table. We can machine, cut, grind, or mill a wide array of materials, according to customer needs.

ACI Alloys has the technology and expertise to get the job done no matter what your requirements may be. Our many vacuum melters and furnaces, epoxy and Indium bonding capabilities and in-house machine shop ensure we can provide you with the perfect solution desired.

The No. 1 Source for Alloys

Here at ACI Alloys, we pride ourselves on being the go-to source for precious metals and high purity alloys. It’s our goal to always provide the best in high-purity metals to our customers in the form of precious metal alloys and catalyst alloys.

In need of a custom solution? Look no further. The list of custom alloys we’ve made in the last 11 years is extensive and speaks for itself in demonstrating our ability to provide the right solutions for our customers.

High Quality Control

Materials providers must have an eye for quality and reproducibility. Our in-house quality control process used at ACI Alloys’ facilities allows us to guarantee our R&D and production materials are nothing but the very best in the industry.

Competitive Pricing

Our extensive stocking of raw materials allows us to offer to our customers competitive pricing that are in line with the industry, paired with the reliability of a high-quality product.

Contact Us

We’re confident that our experienced metallurgists can find the solution you need. Call us today at 408-259-7337 to get started.

CALL US TODAY AT 408-259-7337

We believe in growth through customer service and would be happy to have a knowledgeable metallurgist help you get the material you need.