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Indium Bonding – The Process Explained

Chemistry and science are more than just school subjects to many people. These people may remember sitting in a classroom mesmerized by the periodic table of elements and imagining collecting all the elements and noting their different properties. If you had this problem, well, then you are fortunate to know about ACI ALLOYS.

At ACI Alloys, we believe in manufacturing reliable products for leading industrial and academic groups, and we want people to understand what we do. We stock almost every element, know their properties well and stand behind our products.

Indium bonding is one of the many services we provide and here is some background information on what is used and the process:


Indium is a chemical element that is considered a post-transition metal. All that really means is that it sits between transitional metals and the metalloids in the periodic table of elements. It is a soft metal that has a low melting point when compared to other metals and it is most often associated with zinc and tin. Its low melting point combined with its thermal and electrical properties make it especially useful in the bonding process.

Indium can serve a variety of uses and purposes, such as creating alloys, photoconductors, and thermistors, and is considered a non-toxic alternative to the highly toxic mercury.

The Bonding Process

We specialize in quick turnaround times for any bonding process. With the indium bonding process, we can guarantee the quality of the bond through ultrasonic testing. Due to Indium’s malleable properties and low temperature, it is an ideal metal to be used in bonding. This malleability means that it can be flexible with the thermal expansion of the target when it differs from the backing plate. One aspect of indium bonding to keep in mind is that since indium does have a low melting point, you have to be careful to have sufficient cooling to be sure not to exceed 150 degrees Celsius during the sputtering process.

Whatever your needs are regarding Indium bonding, we can help fulfill them and answer any questions you may have.

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