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Master Alloys Expand Potential

Master alloys play an important role in several manufacturing fields. The use of custom alloys and high purity metals exists in a large number of industries, and it is always very important to be accurate in composition. At ACI Alloys, we have been custom forming metal alloys for over 30 years.

With a globally competitive market, and a movement towards increasing efficiencies, custom metal blends are being utilized more frequently in industries from high tech R&D to standard everyday steel.

What are Master Alloys?
The use of base metals to a custom blend is a science that takes experience and skill. Metal alloys are often designed for an intended field or are product specific and many parameters are needed to me met when melting. ACI providing the master alloy can leave save time and still leave the final treatment in the manufacture hands.

At different times in the melting process, metals can be mixed to influence the overall microstructure of an alloy. ACI can follow a specific recipe or consult on modifications to achieve property such as increase mechanical strength, electrical conductivity, ease of use, or overall appearance of metals. Blends can be added using a variety of methods and processed so that the strength and appearance will provide a product that is of excellent quality.

Industrial Skills
The custom alloy industry as a whole is focused on a quality skill set and extensive experience. With the use of equipment that is specific to the development of alloy blends, becoming an expert takes time. Learning to properly blend metals in specialized environment and applying this to our finished product is what we love to do.

With our vacuum arc melters, furnace and induction melter, we are able to make custom blends with increased potential. We use our years of experience at ACI Alloys to keep our clients happy.